Install spreader flag halyard
How to install a flag halyard

Attaching spreader flag, burgee or pennant

Attaching a flag, burgee or pennant. (shroudcleat.com)
Button shroud cleat for spreader flag halyards. (shroudcleat.com)

The sleek spreader flag halyard fastening.

* No more messy fluttering spreader flag halyards.
* No abrasion damage to sails.
Low on windage. * No sharp projections.

No matter how many flags you fly, the adjustable
 button shroud cleat  adapts easily to
the varying length of your halyard.
Ultimate corrosion resistance in ocean conditions.

* Better than a conventional shroud cleat.
* Easy installation.  * Amazingly simple.
    Four versions:

  for 10 mm. shrouds  
  for 8 mm. (5/16") shrouds
  for 7 mm. shrouds
  for 6 mm. (1/4") shrouds
For more shroud diameters, please contact.

International patents pending

Rally & Regatta  EU division
The Netherlands
(Rally & Regatta is an Actum company)